09 April 2023

SPECK – INTERKOSMOS – Split LP (2023, LP Sulatron Records)



Label: Sulatron Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180gr recycle Vinyl, Randomly Colored, 500 copies

Release Date: 3 Mar 2023

This is an extremely interesting Split album released by the Number One Space Label, Sulatron Records. Speck and Interkosmos are 2 bands that are friends and have shared the same stage together. Now, they are sharing the 2 sides of this exciting Split LP. Sulatron Records provided a little info about the 2 bands, so here you are:

SPECK is a trio from Vienna, Austria, performing high-energy space kraut rituals since 2019… One day they got a message saying “Hey guys, I want to start something new called the Metz Sessions and I would love to start with SPECK”. Sebastian Hödlmoser is the mastermind behind the Metz Sessions and he tried to build a platform for upcoming musicians from Austria. So, they went there, played some jams, had a good time and here it is! This was actually the first take they did and they had a great feeling about it… The Metz Session was recorded and mixed in April 2021 at a former stonemasonry in Lower Austria by Sebastian Hödlmoser. Mastering by Alexandr Vatagin. SPECK are Marcel Cultrera (git, voc), Lisa Winkelmüller (b), and Patrick Säuerl (dr).




INTERKOSMOS was founded in 2008 in Austria by 3 guys from 3 countries. After a few concerts in Austria and Spain, they went into a 12 years hiatus and played a show with Speck in 2021 in Vienna. In the same week, they started recording a new album. The track on the split LP was recorded at the Space Farm Ahoi Festival (at Böllerbauer in upper Austria) in 2008, and finished by Sula with some minor Synthesizer overdubs and mixing in 2022. Mastering by Krautrock legend Eroc.
Sergio Ceballos (from Mohama Saz, Melange, ex RIP KC): Guitar. Pablo Carneval/Bernhard Fasching (Zone Six, Electric Moon): Drums. Sula Bassana/Dave Schmidt (Zone Six, Die Raumpatrouille, ex Electric Moon etc.): Bass, Synth.




So, let’s have a look (an ear) at the music. The first side of the Split LP is occupied by a single huge track (23:16) called “The Metz Session” – courtesy of Speck – this is simply superb SPACE-ROCK with a Krauty edge and some real high energy that spreads all over (in huge amounts), the Space guitar sound is here of course, while the whole track acts like an adventurous long Space-Jam becoming heavy, slow, bluesy… The second side belongs to the track “Beyond Hibernation” (22:32) provided by Interkosmos, this is a long piece of some New-Space-Age-Rock music, with a rather cool and trippy improvisational edge, becoming experimental, adventurous, out-of-space, but somehow magically manages at the end to find its safe orbit back to home base deep into Space…

So, this is a super cool modern Space-Rock Split album that will not disappoint all Space aficionados out there… TimeLord Michalis


A Speck The Metz Session 23:16
B Interkosmos Beyond Hibernation 22:32


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Check / Listen through SPECK Bandcamp

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