30 May 2023

LIQUID ORBIT – Spontaneous Floating Rock Creations (2023, LP/CD Nasoni Records)




Label: Nasoni Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Foldout Cover, comes with Download card, 180g Black Vinyl, 300 copies

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, 300 copies

Release Date: 20 Mar 2023

Liquid Orbit are back with a new album after their 2019 “Game Of Promises” LP (Review). The 5-piece band recorded the songs from 2017 to 2021 and their press release explains it better:

This is a very special Liquid Orbit album: Until now they have presented solely composed songs with carefully framed arrangements and well-developed lyrics. During the lockdown time, the band had no opportunity to play together, so they listened to hours and hours of recorded jam sessions and everybody was so excited about all this spontaneous created music, that the idea was born to release some of it, this is the result. Every track on this album was fully improvised, nothing was planned. Everything was created at the moment, including the spontaneously-composed sung verses, in which the sound qualities and shapes of the syllables dominate; a veritable stream of consciousness which fuses mind and music together. There are no additional overdubs!”…

All lyrics are by Sylvia Köpke while the music was written by all Liquid Orbit members, which are: Anders Becker (Organs, E-Piano, Synths, Mellotron), Steve Wittig (Drums & Percussion), Sylvia Köpke (Vocals & Recorder), Ralf Höpken (Bass), and Andree Kubillus (Guitar).
“Spontaneous Floating Rock Creations” (a super impressive title by the way) contains 6 tracks in total, 3 on each side of the LP and it kicks off with “The World Is A Huge Space”, dynamic and extra powerful instrumentation with a killer Organ sound, a strong n’ heavy rhythm section, hot inspiring female vocals are creating a Neo-Space-Rock environment sprayed with huge amounts of Kraut, a track that perfectly describes their Bandcamp quote: “Groovy Space Rock and High Energy riffing meet Cosmic landscapes and hypnotic improvisations”! The next one is called “So Slow” and it’s a slow piece of Spacey Rock N’ Roll! Mysteriously tribal (kind of) drumming, weird sound effects, and spacey electric guitars under a hypnotic beat that blends with the wordless female vocals creating a unique Cosmic fully improvised scenery! “Walk That Highway” is dark, showing a scary but trippy soundscape, a torturously slow track with rather Heavy guitars accompanied by “stoned” (kind of) female vocals acting like a Heavy Outter-Space tune! Side ‘B’ opens with “The Machine Inside You”, a Hammond-Organ based Space Rock Elegy with a groovy rhythm, and powerful female vocals – courtesy of Sylvia – slowly diving into mystery becoming an adventurous Space Prog tune, a groovylicious and quite addictive track! “All That Bitterness” is a slower track but this time the Electric Guitar is the main instrument here which along with Sylvia’s sweet vocals are leading the track while the organ and the rhythm section are discreetly following creating an amazing spacey wah-wah balladesque Rock tune! The album closes with the 12min “You, The Seeker”, an adventurous track that dives deep into that magnificent mid-70s British Prog era while the “leading” of the track keeps on switching by the Organ, or the Electric Guitar, always accompanied by Sylvia’s hypnotically beautiful voice… So, it seems, that Liquid Orbit are keep on feeding us with GOOD albums, full of adventurously quality Space Rock anthems! Spontaneous and Floating indeed! TimeLord Michalis 


A1 The World Is A Huge Space 8:58
A2 So Slow 10:13
A3 Walk That Highway 8:05
B1 The Machine Inside You 9:46
B2 All That Bitterness 6:35
B3 You, The Seeker 12:15


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