30 May 2023

THE BLACK CAT´S EYE – The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia (2023, LP/CD Tonzonen Records)




Label: Tonzonen Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold Cover, comes with Download card, Light Blue Vinyl, 440 copies (Every purchase via Bandcamp includes a limited Din A1 poster)

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition (comes in tri-fold (6-panel) Digipak)

Release Date: 24 Mar 2023

The Black Cat’s Eye is a new Neo-Prog band hailing from Frankfurt and “The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia” is their debut album released through Tonzonen Records. The band consists of Christian Blaser (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards), Wolfgang Schönecker (Electric and Acoustic Guitars), Steffen Ahrens (Electric Guitars, Guitar Noises), Jens Cappel (Electric Bass), and Stefan Schulz-Anker (Drums and Percussion). Also, Walter Dorn plays Flute on “Winter Song” and Lucie Cerveny Backing Vocals on “Lostlostlostlostlostlostlostlost”. All songs are written by Christian Blaser while the album is produced by the whole gang of The Black Cat’s Eye. Also, the Kraut legend Eroc is responsible for the mastering…
So, their debut album with the rather impressive title “The Empty Space Between A Seamount And Shock-Headed Julia” contains just 5 tracks. The opener “Kill The Sun And The Moon And The Stars” is a side-long track (occupies the whole ‘A’ side) with a duration of 20 minutes and 15 seconds… Starts in a relaxing shoegazy post-rock kind of acoustic way with a guitar that shamelessly but bravely flirts with late 70s Floyd (“Animals” comes to mind), slowly the shoegazy environment is psychedelically covered by a Floydian proggy one where the music flows peacefully helping the listener to trip, progressively the track changes into a dreamy neo-progressive style, becoming heavy, changing to light, but without losing its Floydish aura… A really impressive debut beginning track! Side ‘B’ starts in a kind of quite a heavy way with “Katla”, this is Neo-Prog with maximum power, shimmering electric guitars, and endless feedback. “Winter Song” is a balladesque song (with lyrics) drenched into a Neo-Prog style but extremely influenced by the early (this time) 70s Floyd ballad moments, and yes, “Julia’s Dream” instantly comes to mind… “In My Dreams The Wind Chases Away The Clouds” is a faster instrumental tune that has the ability to move between “Animals” and “The Wall” though it emerges a fresh Neo-Prog feeling… The last track of the album is called “Lostlostlostlostlostlostlostlost” and has lyrics too. It’s a powerful modernized Prog-Rock track and I’m pretty convinced that the band had an early 80s Bowie in mind while composing/recording this. Just imagine an upbeat and kind of let-loose version of Bowie’s “Heroes” and you’ll get the picture! This is such a cool song! In conclusion, The Black Cat’s Eye released a cool interesting debut album making them a much more promising band, and raising the bar a little higher concerning their next moves… Let’s wait and see, Time will show because it’s on our side… TimeLord Michalis


A Kill The Sun And The Moon And The Stars 20:15
B1 Katla 5:03
B2 Winter Song 3:44
B3 In My Dreams The Wind Chases Away The Clouds 5:23
B4 Lostlostlostlostlostlostlostlost 5:30




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