08 June 2023

THE THANES – Les Thanes (2023, 7” Rogue Records)




Label: Rogue Records

Format: 7”, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl

Release Date: 15 May 2023

The Thanes are back with a brand new release, a 7-inch EP with 4 tracks which is released through ‘Hip’ French label, Rogue Records! Label’s press release states:

The Thanes originate from Edinburgh, Scotland, and have been playing as a group now for some 36 years. In that time they have made 23 singles and released eight albums.
The Thanes world is fuelled by 60s beat and R&B, garage, punk, and psychedelic pop-rock plus a wide range of other sounds including progressive and hard rock, folk, and jazz.
For their new EP on Rogue Records, they decided on including two new original recordings, ‘For What Reward?’ and ‘Heed The Warning’ which they have been honing in their rehearsal room and on various live dates they’ve been playing since coming out of covid-induced lockdowns. They also recorded a cover of ‘You’ll Never Do It Baby’, a song best known by the Pretty Things, as well as a version of the great ‘It’s Dark’ by the Australian sixties group the Twilights”…

“Les Thanes” contains 4 songs divided equally into 2 sides, the opener of side ‘A’ “For What Reward?” is a Farfisa driven mid-60s inspired garage-o-delic Orgy of Sounds! A fine and true celebration of the glorious past days! “You’ll Never Do It Baby” is a respectful reinterpretation of this famous Pretty Things shaker, a groovy beat-a-delic rhythmic killer track! Side ‘B; opens with a cover version of “It’s Dark” – originally by the Australian mid-60s group The Twilights – and it’s very hard to believe that this version is from the “now” and not from the “then” I’m speechless… “Heed The Warning” is a Garage tune that blinks an eye to the other side of the ocean, leading and showing the younger generation how it’s done, how it can be done… The Thanes still remain one of the very few bands out there that play the 60s Garage like it used to be played in the 60s! Simple as that… End of transmission… GRAB IT NOW! TimeLord Michalis  


A1 For What Reward? 2:30
A2 You’ll Never Do It Baby 2:30
B1 It’s Dark 1:45
B2 Heed The Warning 3:30


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