16 September 2023

THE SENCES – Done With You (2023, 7” EP Lost In Tyme Records)




Label: Lost In Tyme Records

Format: 7”, EP

Release Date: July 2023

Now, this is a surprise by a team/band of youngsters who despite their young age (from 14 to 17) and their admittedly justified lack of experience, seem that they are devoted to that magical (and simultaneously “cursed” decade of the 60s, with a specific but important mission, to perform the “Sixties Teenage Garage Punk” in our days… Is this possible, you may ask, well I believe we’ll have to wait and see…

The Sences is a newly formed band from Thessaloniki (Greece) and “Done With You” is their debut 7” vinyl Single released by Greek garage label Lost In Tyme, the press release states:

“When it comes to “60’s teenage garage punk”, The Sences from Salonica Greece are the real deal! Five teenagers with ages from 14 to 17, come to remind us of the true spirit of 60’s garage music.

However, the surprising thing with The Sences is not their age. It’s their ability to write and play such great 60’s garage punk songs, all true future classics!

A jaw-dropping fuzz storm strikes you hard immediately when the turntable needle hits the grooves of the opening track “Done With You”. Walls of fuzz, snarling vocals and TONS of attitude! A real garage punk hit!!! The second song of the first side “Behind Me” continues the take-no-prisoners brutal fuzz attack. The Sences have no time to mess around and are here to possess your soul!

On the b-side, “Be Over” shows another side of the band! It is an amazing 60’s folk-punk song, that reveals that these teenagers really have a deep knowledge of the genre, know their craft, and can write beautiful compositions that come straight from the heart. Mid-tempo rhythm with awesome jangly guitars, dressed perfect with vintage Farfisa organ sounds and tender vocals.

It might sound a hyperbole, but it’s true! These teenage kids are the future of ’60s-styled garage punk!”

Side One contains 2 tracks, and side Two has just 1 track. The opener “Done With You” is a 2:41min ‘nugget’ with the Fuzz hitting you by the very first second! There’s a punky attitude, and blurry/buried vocals full of teenage angst (of course!) that are transformed to ‘screaming’ ones towards the end of the song, a song which surely is influenced by the 60s Garage scene but is deeply inspired by the 80s revival… With “Behind Me” (2:40min) The Sences are waving goodbye to that 80s revival ghost of the previous song and are celebrating the 60s with a glorious Magnificent 60s Garage Teen-Beat Mayhem, presented in a Fuzzy and vibrated punky way! Finally, this is a “return” back to basis, cause Garage was supposed to be played by teens for teens… Well, this might be the very first step… We have Garage played by teens, and as long for the second step “for teens”, well, there’s a long long way to go… Side “B” occupies the 4:31min “Be Over”, a rhythmic mid-tempo garage-y tune that blinks an eye to that exciting late 60s sunny Folk-Rock L.A. scene… It’s unbelievably amazing of how it is possible for a bunch of youngsters to write a song that echoes so deeply the Laurel Canyon musical scene blending it with some teenage punkish garage… So, I think that this very first “sample” of their music is positive and I’m pretty sure that if they study their homework (that I know the kids’ caring parents will take care of it), then the Sixties Future is on their hands… Can you Dig it? TimeLord Michalis



A1 Done With You
A2 Behind Me
B Be Over








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