16 September 2023

UAY – Kukulkan (2023, LP Half Shell Records)




Label: Half Shell Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl, Black Sleeve, 100 copies

Release Date: 6 June 2023

UAY is a – new to me – band based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Probably they started back in 2013, their page lacks information, and I believe that “Kukulkan” is their third release (the previous two were digital ones), but it’s their first physical release (vinyl album) through Half Shell Records. The short description on their Bandcamp page mentions: “The idea of the band emerged from the Experimental Music Scene in Guadalajara taking a Sound with a Taste of Mexican Music and a lot of South America Roots combined with Psychedelia, Fuzz, and hypnotic atmospheres”.

Uay consists of Francisco Lopez (Guitar, Vocals), Rodrigo Torres (Bass, Vocals), Alberto Ortiz (Guitar), Rodrigo Rico (Drums, Percussion), Nathalia Romo (Bongos, Backup Vocals), and Carolina Tene (Congas). “Kukulkan” was recorded in Seattle (WA) during the summer of 2017 (!!!) and finally after 6 years (better late than never) it found its way to the public…
“Kukulkan” contains 7 tracks in total, 4 on the first side and the rest 3 on the second side of the LP. The opener is called “Oye”, a powerful tune with a rather dynamic rhythmic tribal-like intro, combining Santana’s groovy rhythms and Os Mutantes energy under a huge Psych Mexican Prism, and I believe that this kind of ‘unique’ sound is called by the band as Mexicadelia, cool! “La Llorona” blends a Latin groovylicious rhythm with psych-rock under some super cool n’ hot shimmering guitar licks… “No Sale El Sol” is simply, a magnificent Latino-Psych-Rock track, with a tricky and trippy rhythm, and a playful psych beat, trying to penetrate deep into the Psychedelic realms of late 60s Psych-Latino music, of course there are Latino and African influences all over the track… “Somos Luz” is another excellent rhythmic Psych-Latin-Rock track, with a cool intoxicating melody capable enough to drift the listener far away to some relaxing summer oasis place deep in the Guadalajara area, this is Latin trip-a-Delia at its best! The opener of side “B’ is called “Planetas” and it’s another guitar-based Latin Rock n’ Roller, flirting with the more Psychedelic side of Santana (yes, of course there is one), entering a fuzzy electronically flavored guitar environment, acting as a tropical-heat Neo-Psych theme… “Inexplicable” introduces an amazing tribal-tropical swirling Latin beat that flirts with some late 60s West Coast Psych, slowly transformed into a colorful electric guitar-based Latino-Psych anthem, a track that manages to transmit “Soul Sacrifice” vibes all over the place! The album comes to an end with “Recado”, a slower piece of music that acts as a ‘calm-after-the-storm’ tune, there’s a cool melody under a balladesque serene environment with all ‘necessary’ guitar-psych-elements/sounds, a rather trip-a-delic ending… So, if you’re into some Neo-Psych rock blended with serious doses of Latino-Psych then “Kukulkan” will definitely not disappoint you, Trippy Psych Mexica-Delia at its Best! TimeLord Michalis  



A1 Oye 4:39
A2 La Llorona 3:20
A3 No Sale El Sol 4:40
A4 Somos Luz 5:57
B1 Planetas 6:04
B2 Inexplicable 7:50
B3 Recado 5:09




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