17 September 2023

HEAVY MOON – Astral Blackout (2023, CD Kosmische Musikprodukte)




Label: Kosmische Musikprodukte

Format: CD, Album, Limited “Handmade” Edition CD, Hand stamped discs in chipboard digipak with high-gloss stickers, 10 copies

Format: CD, Album, Limited 2nd Edition CD, Full-colour, demi-wraparound cover, Screen printed discs, Protective vellum sleeve

Release Date: 12 July 2023

Heavy Moon – the unstoppable Astral Kosmische Space-Rock machine – is back with another album, entitled “Astral Blackout”! The Man-Machine behind Heavy Moon is our beloved Toronto-based instrumentalist Captain Jakob Rehlinger, and all music in here is composed, performed, and recorded by Jakob himself! A short quote by Jakob explains all about the new album, Astral Blackout:

“Heavy Moon has returned from its two-year sojourn on the astral plane to bring you dire warnings hidden within the notes of the pentatonic blues scale”…

“Astral Blackout” contains just 6 tracks, clock-ticking from 4:50min to 19:19min, in a total duration of 57:35min. The album starts in a remarkable Spacey-effected Psychedelic Bluesy atmosphere with “Lunar Boogaloo”, a dynamic instrumental Jam that is definitely going to seduce the listener/voyager by the very first chord, this is a catchy lysergically trippy SPACE anthem becoming psychedelically orchestral but without drifting away from the lunar Space-Rock environment, an environment that leads us to the next track “Interstellar Dragnet”, getting darker, slower, and more Bluesy (in a way), with a wandering psych-guitar sound, jammy and instrumental (of course), emerging an intense cinematic complexion resulting a Cosmic Psychedelic Blues track! “Cosmic Age Crisis/Pink Nocturne” enters deep into a colorful multi-dimensional universe, this is Spacey Psychedelic-Soul at its best that brings to mind the masterpiece “Walk On” (you know by whom, right?), just put the space-psychedelic meter to the max and you’ll get the picture, though slowly and progressively the scenery changes becoming more extra-terrestrial Spacey with a shimmering electric guitar sound, a relaxing Trip… around the Sun! “New Dark Age” is a relaxing and kind of serene track, modern Space-Age music, ambient-like, trippy becoming a Kosmische Space-Prog anthem with a cinematic orchestral and full of sample voices and speeches ending… Under this same background environment the next track “Citizens Banned” starts and slowly starts to move into a more ‘isolated’ dark ambient-space soundscape, transforming into a bluesy guitar jam with an extra interstellar Hawkwind-ized sound! The last track is called “Astral Catastrophe, Astral Blackout”, a huge (19:19min) adventurous instrumental electric guitar-based SPACE jam, becoming dark, entering a futuristic scenery, deeply psychedelic and for sure Space-Blues-y… So, this is one of these times that’s impossible for me to choose a favorite track, “Astral Blackout” acts like a fascinating instrumental ENTITY, a Superior Kosmische experience of the Unknown Space! Space is the Place! TimeLord Michalis



1 Lunar Boogaloo 6:56
2 Interstellar Dragnet 4:50
3 Cosmic Age Crisis 3:01
4 Pink Nocturne 8:55
5 New Dark Age 6:41
6 Citizens Banned 7:54
7 Astral Catastrophe, Astral Blackout 19:19




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