24 October 2023

WHITE CANYON & THE 5TH DIMENSION – Gardeners Of The Earth (2023, LP Fuzed Up & Astromoon Records)




Label: Fuzed Up & Astromoon Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Green Translucent Vinyl (Double-sided lyric sheet insert)

Release Date: 4 Aug 2023

White Canyon & The 5th Dimension is the Psych-Rock duo of Gabriela Zaith and Leo Gudan, hailing from Sao Tome das Letras, Minas Gerais, Brazil. “Gardeners Of The Earth” is their 3rd album since their 2020 self-titled debut (4th if you count the cassette album release “Soundtrack For Astral Travel”). This is how they describe their sound: “Spatial environment, guided by reverberated guitars, straight drums almost in a loop, crooked melodies and shoe-gaze style voices. Shining melancholy our sound takes you to colorful landscapes, sometimes lucid, sometimes not. Take a walk through the garage of the ’60s, and the post-punk of the ’80s. He goes through acoustic ballads and the almost obscure frenzy”…

As far as their latest release “Gardeners Of The Earth”, this is how they feel about it: “There are nine tracks that move between various moments and soundscapes, always packed with tribal rhythms, space and fuzzy guitars reverberated in a shimmering drone. Accompanied of course by immersive vocals, matte time for another transparent and smooth. This album has as its central theme our connection with the ancient, the ancestral. When cosmic gardeners sowed their secret wisdom here. The search for our universal consciousness and mental improvement”…
“Gardeners Of The Earth” consists of 10 tracks equally divided into the 2 sides of the LP album. The album starts in a slow and mystical way with “Caminho des Pedras (Intro)”, a hallucinated effected track with catchy tribal drumming and a psych guitar repeated melody… The text on “Caminho das Pedras” is taken from the program “Documento Especial”, aired by Rede Manchete in 1990, about the mystical city of São Tomé das Letras… For sure, the beginning of the album raises the curiosity for the next… The self-titled “Gardeners Of The Earth” follows, the mystical scenery continues here too, a Middle Eastern Psych guitar sound sends the track back, way back in time. The pounding tribal drumming and the lysergically trippy vocals along with the reverberated guitar sound are creating a supper Trippylicious Neo-Psychedelic kind of spacey and shoegaze-y soundscape, diving deeper and deeper… “Howling Pines” is a faster tune, rhythmic, definitely Neo-Psych with catchy female vocals, dynamically performed with a Punk-ish attitude and some groovy powerful Neo-Garage keys! With “Fireflies” the band/duo makes a huge dive into the late sunny 60s West Coast, reminding quite a few new Californian bands that did exactly the same dive (The Creation Factory comes to mind), yes this is the famous Rickenbacker Sound, as I love to call it. And then, there’s this Psych guitar rhythm coming straight out from Laurel Canyon… Though the track evolves into a Neo-Prog Cosmic piece of imaginary Psychedelia! Wow! And the best is yet to come… The Neo-Psych “Black Holes” ends the album, with tribal drumming, lysergic guitar (electric of course), and trippy vocals (male), slowly penetrating and entering into the black corridors of the mynd, ending in an unbelievable Vietnam Veterans Psych vein, a vein that will lead the first track from the 2nd side, “Ancient Secrets Of Green Leaf”, a trippy Neo-Psych tune with female vocals and an unbelievable keys-oriented haunted Garage-o-Psychedelic rhythm, evolving into a fast dynamic Neo-Psych Delirium with that trademark amazing Vietnam Veterans guitar sound, spreading all over the place! “Harsh Dawn” is getting deeper into the psychedelic realms of the Mynd, this is some serious effort to perform Psychedelia in the 21st century, becoming darker, creepier, and more mystical, resulting in trippy mind-bending reverberating PSYCHEDELIA for the Hallucinatory State of Mynd! “As Above So Below” is a little bit different, spacey, futuristic, tribalistic, and super trippy with a cinematic feel, a piece of over-melting universal Psychedelia! “Mental Universe (Chapter V)” starts and instantly my mind whispers to me “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces”… What I’m witnessing is a superdelic spacious Neo-Psychedelic Rock anthem with a fascinating tremendous galloping psychedelic beat, way out of here and definitely Mind-Blending… Eventually, the album comes to an end with “Inner/Outside”, under a super slow, acoustic, and kind of dreamy background, the track starts getting faster, with a frenzy of lysergic hallucinating psychedelic rhythm, mantra-like rich vocals while the woman’s narrative vocals towards the end add a charming mysterious and out of this world strange beauty, this is 60s inspired Neo-Psychedelia at its Best! “Gardeners Of The Earth” is a wonderful surprising release of 2023, for sure it will adorn my list with the BEST albums of the year… You’re advised to listen with your eyes closed, it’s better and far more healing! The Trip is going to be High, the Pleasure Guaranteed, and the Satisfaction Absolute! Invest… Invest… Invest… TimeLord Michalis    


A1 Intro (Caminho das Pedras) 2:57
A2 Gardener’s Of The Earth 5:20
A3 Howling Pines 4:45
A4 Fireflies Dance 5:17
A5 Black Holes 4:10
B1 Ancient Secrets Of Green Leaf 4:23
B2 Harsh Dawn 5:40
B3 As Above So Below 4:04
B4 Mental Universe 5:10
B5 Inner Outside 6:21




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