13 January 2024

DAISY DELL – Daisy Dell (2023, LP Lolipop Records) 




Label: Lolipop Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Splatter Vinyl

Release Date: 8 Aug 2023

Now, what we have here is the debut LP album by Daisy Dell, a newly-formed band, hailing from California, and the remarkable thing is that though they’re based in Los Angeles, they state that their psych music is an ode to the San Francisco sound! How cool is that! “Daisy Dell is a late 60’s influenced band reminiscent of the 60s San Francisco sound. Their compositions draw influences from many psych-rock and blues-rock acts from the era. Their self-titled album is made up of original compositions inspired by the blues and psychedelic rock groups of ‘68-’71!” (Bandcamp)…

Daisy Dell consists of 6 musicians while another 7 ones helped with the recordings of the album. “Daisy Dell” contains 9 songs clock-ticking from 1:41 to 7:30 minutes. The album takes off with an astonishing little piece of music called “Tangerine Fuzz”, acting like a welcome and an introduction, fuzzy guitar sounds, dangerous bass lines, heady n ’steady drumming, and a rather hot Sax! “Rose Colored Eyes” is a happy super-sunny beautiful song with female vocals, emerging a prodigious fresh air coming straight out of the West Coast California, bringing to mind all these female-vocals-fronted Californian groups from the late  60s, like The Yankee Dollar for instance. The next one “Sitting On The Blade Of Grass” is one of my highlights, a fabulous powerful guitar-based, and deeply West Coast-influenced tune with dynamic lyrical vocals, it starts as a 60s sunshine psychedelic rock track and after the 3rd minute it develops into something different as the scenery changes rapidly and drastically I may say, there’s a guitar solo taken straight out of Cipollina’s first days in Quick Messenger Service, the rhythm section is quite ‘stoned’ while this psychedelic puzzle is been completed with some Big Brother & The Holding Company cosmic energy and some of Uncle Frank’s craziness, resulting a mind-bending Neo-Psychedelic track with a huge late 60s PSYCH aura! Wow! What comes next is another highlight of the album, it’s simply the most beautiful 3 minutes I heard in a very long time, it filled my heart with some gorgeous Psychedelic Euphoria! This is so psychedelically addictive! And it seems that I forgot to mention the title of this beauty, it’s called “In Time”… Side ‘B’ opens with “Flying Again”, the San Francisco late 60s sound is in full glory, phrases of the era like “It’s a happening”, or “Can you dig it?”, or “Far out Man” are alternate in my mind, this is a terrific fuzzy psychedelic anthem, simply try to imagine how a group like Country Joe & The Fish could have sounded today if they had a female singer… “Love In My Pockets” is a bluesy track with an outstanding psychedelic BLUES atmosphere (60s inspired of course) while “Was Before” is another cool-as-fuck Psych-Rocker, late 60s influenced, rhythmic, groovy, and quite hippie-like! “Mary” is a mid-tempo track, with a little blues, and a little soul, and a little jazzy flirting. The album comes to an end with “For Genevieve”, a really hot Blues-Rocker with male vocals, reviving the legendary Frisco Sound of the late 60s in the best promising way! “Daisy Dell” is an exciting and surprisingly good album, and that’s why it managed not only to enter the list with my 50 personal best albums of 2023, but it reached the 18th position! (check the list here) Daisy Dell has left their “stigma” under my PSYCH radar and I’m desperately waiting for their next move… Dig it! TimeLord Michalis   




A1 Tangerine Fuzz 1:41
A2 Rose Colored Eyes 2:36
A3 Sitting On A Blade Of Grass 7:30
A4 In Time 2:58
B1 Flying Again 2:34
B2 Love In My Pockets 4:44
B3 Was Before 3:23
B4 Mary 3:28
B5 For Genevieve 3:52



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