15 January 2024

HEAVY MOON – Astral Highway (2023, CD Kosmische Musikprodukte)




Label: Kosmische Musikprodukte

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition, Comes with an attractive demi-foldover cover housed in a translucent envelope

Release Date: 6 Oct 2023

Heavy Moon – the personal spacecraft of Jakob Rehlinger – is back with another self-released CD album entitled “Astral Highway”. Everything here is composed, performed, and recorded by Jakob. Jakob on his Bandcamp gives us an idea of this new Space adventure of his, “Having survived an Astral Blackout, Heavy Moon returns to the psychic Autobahn for a fuel-injected, engine-sparking, journey into the astral radio of the mind by putting the trip back in roadtrip”…

There are just 5 pieces of Space Rock in “Astral Highway” while the journey lasts for 41 minutes… Some Cosmic Energy flourishes the air with the opener “Viral Vector”, the intergalactic space-tour is about to start, this is neo-space-rock with an exciting synth-futuristic aura. “Motorfuken”, simply, is Krauty Space-Rock at its best! A track full of Kosmische Psych and numerous space bubbles, the Astral Trip has already begun while the environment is fully Prog-a-delic and Spacey, of course! “Astralfunk” starts in a mystical, slow, and quite trippy way, these are 13:41 minutes full of dream-a-Delia with a beautiful and extremely space-funk attitude, a cosmic journey indeed! “Viral Vector” finds this space capsule full of fuels, so it’s time to start accelerating… This is a multi-dimensional intergalactic space-voyage to the everlasting infinite… The album closes with “Spiral Spectre”, the same SPACE scenery over here too, a bit slow, trippy enough, with an amazing mind-blowing Floyd-like guitar sound and some groovy analog keys, resulting in a relaxing Trip filled with Euphoria and Serenity… So, “Astral Highway” is another good and full of quality Space Rock album, Jakob is keeping the standards up high – I wouldn’t expect less – and you should try to take this Trip, it’s refreshing for the mind and the soul too! TimeLord Michalis 


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1 Viral Vector 7:44
2 Motorfunken 5:57
3 Astralfunk 13:41
4 Viral Vector (B.1.1.529) 3:30
5 Spiral Spectre 10:09



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