18 January 2024

THE THIRD MIND – The Third Mind/2 (2023, 2LP Yep Roc Records)




Label: Yep Roc Records

Format: 2LP, Album, Limited Edition, Black Vinyl (Double Vinyl LP w/ Laser Etched 4th Side)

Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition

Release Date: 27 Oct 2023

The Third Mind is a kind of supergroup that was introduced to the world in 2020 with their self-titled debut album (check my review here) The Third Mind, based in Downey, California, features an an all-star eclectic ensemble of like-minded musicians – Jesse Sykes (acoustic guitar, vocals); Dave Alvin (electric guitar); Victor Krummenacher (bass guitar/harmonium/mellotron); David Immerglück (guitar); and Michael Jerome (drums/percussion)… Here’s a little info about their sophomore album “The Third Mind 2” through their Bandcamp:

“The Third Mind 2 reflects the band members varied musical histories with a “no safety parachute” recording approach using free-form studio techniques, no rehearsals, no preconceived arrangements, and recording spontaneous group improvisations live in the studio. 

The six-song set, which runs the length of three LP sides, features an original composition, “Tall Grass,” written by Jesse Sykes and Dave Alvin for the album, along with other material that reflects the band members varied musical histories from a storied time, including, “Groovin’ is Easy,” “Why Not Your Baby,” “Sally Go Round The Roses,” among others. 

The fourth LP side features The Third Mind Mandala etching by Tony Fitzpatrick. The cover artwork is by Lou Beach”…

“The Third Mind 2” contains just 6 songs, 5 covers and 1 original. The opener “Groovin’ Is Easy”, is a classic multi-covered 60s song originally written by Ron Polte and released in 1967 through Columbia Records as a 7 inch vinyl single, credited to The Electric Flag, An American Music Band, surprisingly this is a total different approach to the song, a different arrangement, getting far away from the dancey-jazzy-soulish first version, a low tempo adjustment, a reinterpretation that pushes the track into a groovylicious outstanding slow magical psychedelic environment, Jesse’s voice besides being divinely beautiful, also adds to the final result a ‘stoned’ enchanted charm, and of course listener’s mind goes straight to all these remarkable powerful West Coast Psychedelic Jam Bands from the late 60s, a version that surely fills your heart with pleasure and your Mynd with Psych! The next one is called “Why Not Your Baby” – it’s a Gene Clark song released in 1969 by A&M Records as a 7 inch single, credited to the duo Dillard & Clark – and The Third Mind are treating the song with respect, they do no get ‘too-far-away’, their version is a bit slow-down than the original and I think I should describe it as a retrochronized hippie ballad! “In My Own Dream” is a 1968 Paul Butterfield song, this is a cool intoxicating kind of heady psychedelic guitar jam, Jesse’s voice is dominant while towards the end the track becomes a spaced-out hippie-jam-anthem, quite lysergic, meaning that the band tries another different kind of approach, more Psychedelic, I have to admit! The original “Tall Glass” follows, it’s written by Dave and Jesse, it’s a wonderful psychedelically flavored hippie-like balladesque slow piece of beauty… The next one was a hit in 1963 by a Bronx-based one-hit wonder girl group, The Jaynetts, it is written by songwriter/producer/label executive Abner B. Spector and Jaynetts’ original version was released on Abner’s label, Tuff… Enough with the history… The majestic song is called “Sally Go Round The Roses”, over the years there are numerous interesting cover versions, but what it makes this particular one by The Third Mind to be included among my personal TOP 3 versions of “Sally”, is the atmosphere that the band creates in here, heady, far out, stoned, deeply hallucinogenic, jammy, electric, and psychedelically hippie! (for the history the other 2 versions are by The Great Society and by The Pentangle). The last track is a Fred Neil song called “A Little Bit Of Rain” (released in 1965 by Elektra on Neil’s album “Bleecker & MacDougal”), the band performs a slow trippy and kind of nostalgic version, there’s a strong sentimental feel while it’s pretty close to the original version, a soft, relaxing, and psychedelically poppy version indeed!   

The Third Mind masterfully managed the unachievable these days… The Third Mind is one of these infrequent bands of today that they are able to successfully breathe new Psychedelic Air to some classic songs from the 60s! But, when they decide to create their own “sh*t”, then inevitably the result is also Mind-Blowing! By the way, “The Third Mind 2” made my list with the 50+1 albums of 2023, reaching No.10! (check the list here) The Groovy 60s are still alive and kicking! Grab it! TimeLord Michalis



A1 Groovin’ Is Easy 8:07
A2 Why Not Your Baby 5:29
B1 In My Own Dream 8:23
B2 Tall Grass 8:47
C1 Sally Go Round The Roses 10:51
C2 A Little Bit Of Rain 5:09



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