03 March 2024

TAKIS BARBAGALAS – Water Of Time (2023, LP Missing Vinyl/WOW Records) 




Label: Missing Vinyl/WOW Records

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g Orange Vinyl, Gatefold cover, 200 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g Violet Vinyl, Gatefold cover, 100 copies

Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, 180g Black Vinyl, Gatefold cover, 300 copies

Release Date: Digital: 26 Nov 2023, LP: 26 Jan 2024

Takis Barbagalas – Λευκή Συμφωνία, Red Mist, Will-O-The Wisp, Manticore’s Breath – started a long mystical journey back in 2015 with his debut LP album “Phosphorus Hesperus”, releasing the sequel LP “Nocturne” (check my review here) in 2018. And now it seems that the puzzle of Takis’ own memories over time is completed with his 3rd musical effort, “Water Of Time”. “Time and experiences are depicted on the musical canvas with enchanting timbres and lyricism, elements inextricably linked to the artist’s temperament. The time and wisdom he carries are reflected in the maturity of the compositions and more than ever immerse the listener in endless emotional landscapes. The time passes by and the experience becomes a tool of strong expression”. Everything inside the album is written, arranged, and produced by Takis Barbagalas who is also responsible for all lyrics. Takis is on guitar and tambourine while the other members of his ‘musical crew’ are Costas Pagonas (bass), Costas Costopoulos (drums, percussion), Costas Sinodinos (organ, piano, mellotron, synthesizer), Angelos Gerakitis (vocals), Theodore Zefkilis (organ), and Zeta Tsoukala (vocals). “Water Of Time” consists of 6 compositions equally divided into the 2 sides of the LP album. It takes off with “Infinity”, a slow dark, and super pompous instrumental, a keys-dominated PROGRESSIVE (old-school of course) track that literally seizes the listener’s mind by the very first second, and as the melodic electric guitar takes the lead, then you simply find yourself hovering between the Past, the Present, and the Future. You’re inside an illusion of Time, and this is a strong, very strong effect that only the good old sweet Prog albums (early Vertigo) – with a few exceptions of course – can give you… So, it seems that the band can easily offer the listener multiple colorful illusions! Under the same slow and a bit dark fully emotional Proggy environment the self-titled “Water Of Time” starts, and Taki’s full of lyricism voice emerges a kind of sweet melancholy while the a-la “Great Gig In The Sky” background female chorus vocals are adding a dingy outlandish Floyd (mid-70s) atmos, the musicians are altogether leading the track into the most trippy and faraway labyrinthine corridors of UK’s 70s Prog scene, brilliant! I need to mention the Mellotron (probably) towards the end simply launches the track, instead of landing it… Wow! The flirt with SPACE is more intense than ever! “1000 Steps Against My Death” offers solid doses of cerebral PROGRESSIVE ROCK, adventurous bass lines, stocky drumming, and fanciful imaginary guitar playing… An instro that sadly had to be faded out probably of the vinyl side limitation… Side ‘B’ opens with another great PROG instrumental, “When The Morning Star Shines Dead”, starting in a furious pompous way but after a while when ORGAN takes the lead, the track changes its direction, remaining on the Prog path, but after a short time GUITAR takes the leadership, completely transforming the track into a Proggy dark sentimental kind of balladesque tune, under a torturously slow drum beat, it gives you the feel of a gently weeping guitar sound (no, nothing to do with George…). “Distant Places” is a strong adventurous PROG track with various mood fluctuations not only in music but in vocals too, spraying the atmosphere with a fresh air of futurism but stubbornly remaining to that ol’ 70s Prog Path, and there’s that piano sound that adds a ‘classical’ feel, magically splendid! Eventually, the album comes to an end with “Dusk”, under a dark and mystical Prog vein, Takis recites his words till the guitar decides to lead the track more into dark, more into melancholy, into a controlled futuristic artistic sad environment, an incredible “dusky” PROG anthem that ends the album in the best way and leaves the listener with the desired result! In conclusion, “Water Of Time” is definitely, not tiring or boring like most of the Neo-Prog albums. So, if you’re in the mood for some GOOD fresh old Progressive Rock, or if you’re in the mood for some GOOD music, then “Water Of Time” meets the criteria, and fulfills your requirements. Takis Barbagalas and his gang know how to “tame” time, and certainly “Water Of Time” is a Time Bender! A Mind Bender too… GRAB IT! TimeLord Michalis     




A1 Infinity 5:39
A2 Water Of Time 7:23
A3 10000 Steps Against My Death 3:54
B1 When The Morning Star Shines Dead 5:59
B2 Distant Places 6:25
B3 Dusk 5:52




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