01 April 2024

THE LIQUORICE EXPERIMENT – Pretty Baby (2024, 7” Rogue Records) 




Label: Rogue Records

Format: 7 inch, 500 copies

Release Date: 7 March 2024

Now, here’s another exciting 7 incher by The Liquorice Experiment, a relatively new band (formed in 2017), released through French label, Rogue Records. The short but informative press release states:

“Rogue Records is proud to release the new single of the Liquorice Experiment, a band of seaside Spaniards who formed in London in 2017. Since then they have done two singles and one LP, keeping their balance in between psychedelia and garage-beat.

The A-side “Pretty Baby” is a three-chord tune that recovers the rawest blues spirit from the British R&B bands. On the flip “Rattlesnake” evokes the Bo Diddley riff drenched with a reverberish slide guitar that wakes up the most primary instincts!”…

“Pretty Baby” (A1) is the track that ended the band’s debut album “How Many Lies” in March 2023, and here we have a slightly different version, an explosive cocktail of some dirty mid-60s British R n’ B, a bluesy stomper, a rhythmical addictive (catchy) Rock n’ Roller where The Liquorice Experiment is mixing their Mediterranean temperament with the mid-60s London atmosphere, in other words, a deep dive into the Crawdaddy club, at a night where Yardbirds are on stage with Sonny Boy Williamson, or is it The Animals? Hmmm… “Rattlesnake” (B1) is another wild, early (this time), 60s British R n’ B, a Bo Diddley-ish impressive track with a tremendous slide guitar sound that pays a tribute (I don’t want to use the word “revives”) to the underground early British R n’ B days, where the true action was… Well done boys, me wants more… TimeLord Michalis     


A Pretty Baby

B Rattlesnake




Listen / Buy through ROGUE RECORDS Bandcamp

Listen through THE LIQUORICE EXPERIMENT Bandcamp


Alternatively, get it via SHINY BEAST Mailorder




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