About Us

It’s Not about us! It’s about You! The Wonderful People! The Beautiful People! The Strange People!

We are the 3 TimeLords on a mission to keep the Psychedelic 60s Flame alive! Unfortunately, we haven’t lived the 60s. But, with our “Emily” – a re-manufactured Old TimeMachine – we can trip back and experience this magnificent era… Where Everything Happened There… A Trip to the Psychedelic 60s is a Trip Back to the Future… Can you Dig it? An Inner-self exploration journey through Psychedelia and other related psych-o-tropic sub-genres with the only purpose to achieve Psychedelic Awareness!

Our enormous and sometimes visionary Love of the Psychedelic Sixties, led us to broadcast “The Timemachine Radio-Show”, so we could be able to play the music we like (which we couldn’t listen to the radio), to communicate with the suspicious audience and to feed them with all these info that we have gathered through the years. At some point, we figured out that the ‘lack’ of a magazine (just as we wanted to be) was so ‘big’ and we were so desperate that we decided to try and make our own Zine. Firstly to express ourselves and secondly because we knew that there were too many ‘homeopathic’ like us, out there… We took the 3 first syllabuses from “Timemachine” and the last 2 from “FanZine” and this is how “TimeMaZine” was born back in 2006. The issue is annually focusing on exclusive interviews by the Wonderful People/Artists who lived and experienced the 60s. Of course, we can’t overlook the nowadays “Psych” scene. Many newcomers grow like mushrooms from all around the world and our main “aim” is to bring these Underground “Weirdo’s” into the Light…

In Psych We Trust,

The 3 TimeLords

TimeLord Michalis

TimeLord Dr Floyd Heywarth

TimeLord EdgarT