23 January 2018


14 Oct 2017 Psychedelic Fanzine “TimeMaZine” Issue 10 OFFICIAL RELEASE PARTY A CELEBRATION OF THE SUMMER OF LOVE Saturday 14 October 2017 at Lost N... Read More
19 January 2018


17 Oct 2009  They blew our minds with their modern 60s Acid Psychedelia for the first time in 2008 when they headlined the 5th TRIPolis... Read More
19 January 2018


19 May 2008 IRON BUTTERFLY + FYGOKENTROS BLUES BAND First time ever in Greece, Iron Butterfly accepted our “proposal” to include Tripolis at their mini... Read More
18 January 2018

7th TRIPolis Rock Festival

24 & 25 Jul 2010 This was meant to be the last TRIPolis Rock Festival… Despite our good will and Love and Devotion all these... Read More
17 January 2018

6th TRIPolis Rock Festival

18 & 19 Jul 2009 Our 6th annual rendezvous was scheduled in midsummer of 2009… Line-Up: 1st day (18 July 2009): Frantic V (from Thessaloniki)... Read More
17 January 2018

5th TRIPolis Rock Festival

5 & 6 Jul 2008 In order to celebrate the 5 years anniversary of the TRIPolis Fests we decided to organize a rather ambitious and... Read More