Various ‎– Head Music


Various ‎– Head Music

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Label: Fruits de Mer Records ‎– CRUSTACEAN 26
Format: 2 × Vinyl, Yellow, Purple
Country: UK
Released: Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock

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Phew, now Fruits de Mer has really exceeded itself… Head Music is a 95-minute long colored double vinyl that has 18 tracks worth of classic 70’s kraut rock played by some of the best psychedelic bands of our time! The fun starts with the wacky spoken intro by Grobschnitt drummer Eroc. There is some more well-known (Kraftwerk, NEU!, Tangerine Dream, Can…) as well as some more obscure (Kalacakra, Arno Clauss, Electric Sandwich) stuff covered here, but it’s all classic krautrock at its best. You can expect motorik, hypnotic beats, acid-drenched jamming, and cosmic soundscapes so it just can’t get much better than this. The featured artists include bands that have released stuff on Fruits de Mer before but also brand new acts so this really is a very delicious and interesting package in all aspects. I must say, that I really like each and every interpretation, but I will only go through my absolute favorites here. Earthling Society is just the right band to perform their esoteric version of the Amon Düül classic “Paramechanical World”. The American multi-instrumentalist Jay Tausig was introduced to me through his previous FdM connections and especially his version of Amon Düül II’s excellent song “Surrounded by the Stars” is really psychedelic manna for the ears. Sula Bassana’s Electric Moon cover maybe a bit surprisingly Tangerine Dream’s “Madrigal Meridian” and does a great job with this cosmic, sequencer-driven and hypnotic track. The always so wonderfully mind-expanding Vibravoid plays the very repetitive and whispering Kalacakra “Nearby Shiras” and the atmosphere is really hallucinatory. Kraftwerk is covered for example by the Dead Sea Apes whose “Rückstoß Gondoliero” has been filled with uplifting spirit and it starts off with mellow floating and grows in a great way. Also Can is presented by two excellent covers the better one perhaps being the pulsating, cosmic ambient piece “Mushroom” by Language of Light. Neu! is of course also so essential that two bands were needed to cover them and both Palace of Swords and Temple Music are doing a great job in the motorik field that is also presented by Vert:x with a Harmonia cover. It would not have been possible to release an album like this without Ash Ra Temple’s cosmic and lysergic stuff and you can always count on Frobisher Neck’s interpretation. As a new band of Fruits de Mer, we can now enjoy the German group Electric Orange but their members have of course been investigating the mysteries of krautrock for decades! Finally, The Bevis Frond unleashes the solo guitars on the over eight-minute-long Electric Sandwich cover “China”, and if you didn’t get enough of this it’s also possible that the full, over 20-minute-long version will be released someday! As the iconic Brain label is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, Head Music that honors classic krautrock is naturally necessary right now. This release is a rather essential addition to record shelves of all the collectors of this field and can possibly help new listeners to get into the original recordings of these amazing, brave, experimental and creative musical heroes, as well. The influence of krautrock can be heard on many modern bands but people often don’t realize that.(TimeMazine Review)



A1 Eroc Intro
A2 Johnny Vines Waterfall (Jane)
A3 Earthling Society Paramechanical World (Amon Duul I)
A4 Jay Tausig Surrounded By The Stars (Amon Duul II)
A5 Electric Moon Madrigal Meridian (Tangerine Dream)
A6 Anla Courtis Trans Europe Express (Kraftwerk)
B1 Vibravoid Nearby Shiras (Kalacakra)
B2 Palace of Swords Lila Engel (originally by Neu!)
B3 Saturn’s Ambush I Want More (Can)
B4 Frobisher Neck Heads South By Weaving Silver Cloud (La Dusseldorf)
B5 Dead Sea Apes Ruckstoss Gondoliere (Kraftwerk)
C1 Language of Light Mushroom (Can)
C2 Black Tempest Bayreuth Return (Klaus Schulze)
C3 Zenith: Unto The Stars Mantra II (Popol Vuh)
C4 Temple Music Negativland (Neu!)
D1 Frobisher Neck Schizo (Ash Ra Tempel)
D2 Vert:x Dino (Harmonia)
D3 Electric Orange Lied An Zons (Arno Clauss)
D4 The Bevis Frond China (Electric Sandwich)


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