Various ‎– Sorrow’s Children


Various ‎– Sorrow’s Children

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Label: Fruits de Mer Records ‎– Crustacean 25
Format: Vinyl, LP, Peach
Country: UK
Released: Apr 2012
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock

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Sorrow’s Children is an invention by Fruits de Mer: to put modern psychedelic rock bands to interpret The Pretty Things’ classic rock opera S.F. Sorrow that was originally released in 1968! This in many ways remarkable and groundbreaking masterpiece was one of the first psychedelic theme albums and described the album’s main character’s Sebastian F. Sorrow’s life from birth through love, war, tragedy, and madness all the way to old age. The album has influenced numerous musicians and bands over the years and is one of the most adored releases from the era of classic psychedelia. Sorrow’s Children is faithful to the order of the original album and the ever so brilliant Luck of Eden Hall gets the honor to start the fun and their version of “SF Sorrow Is Born” rocks tight backed up with Mellotron. The friends of FdM also already know Sky Picnik and Sidewalk Society who both do a great job on the following tracks. Bristol’s acid folk-wonders Hi-Fiction Science performs the song “Private Sorrow” and it’s nice to have female singers on the album, as well. One of my favorites is without a doubt Langor’s “Balloon Burning” that after its peaceful beginning starts a hypnotic, really fast galloping in a great way. The atmospheric track “Death” (The Seventh Ring of Saturn) has some sitar and strings and the A side is finished with the little more positive, groovy “Baron Saturday” (Senrab Bendips). The at first acoustic-driven and airy “The Journey” performed by Extra starts off the second side ending in quite experimental soundscapes and then my old favorites Earthling Society blow our minds with their splendid version of “I See You”. Jay Tausig is the man to do the two-minute-long experimental and hallucinatory noodling “Well of Destiny”. The Gathering Grey was previously unfamiliar to me but their rendition of the track called “Trust” has some authentic 60’s vibe. King Penguin performs a great sounding number “Old Man Going” and the new acquaintances The Loons do pretty well indeed with the melancholic piece “The Loneliest Person”. Then finally we’re in for a real surprise: “The Loneliest Person” is included also as a fresh, exclusive and tender live version of The Pretty Things themselves! Oh yes, the band is active again and Phil May and Dick Taylor who actually also came up with the title for this tribute are about to release a new live album! Sorrow’s Children is an excellent homage to this splendid, legendary band and FdM’s timing is right as well. The album cover includes an interview with Phil and Dick.(TimeMazine Review)



A1 The Luck Of Eden Hall SF Sorrow Is Born
A2 Sky Picnic Bracelets Of Fingers
A3 Sidewalk Society She Says Good Morning
A4 Hi-Fiction Science Private Sorrow
A5 Langor Balloon Burning
A6 The Seventh Ring Of Saturn Death
A7 Senrab Mendips Baron Saturday
B1 Extra The Journey
B2 Earthling Society I See You
B3 Jay Tausig Well Of Destiny
B4 The Gathering Grey Trust
B5 King Penguin Old Man Going
B6 The Loons Loneliest Person
B7 The Pretty Things Loneliest Person


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