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Τimemachine Productions (Greece), after the Sold-Out LP compilation album “Yesterday’s Sunshine today – New Magical Covers Of Nirvana Songs 1967-1969” (TMP-LP001, April 2020), proudly presents the second title/number of the label, the debut album “Lonely Streets” by Athens-based Weeping Mist! Weeping Mist is the personal vehicle of Spiros Megedisidis, guitar player of Greece’s best Garage-Psychedelic band, Yesterday’s Thoughts.

“Lonely Streets” consists of 16 original songs, written, composed, and recorded by Spiros. Yesterday’s Thoughts’ drummer Giorgos Vagiatlakis added the necessary drums and tambourine.

Everything started back on a cold dark night in a lonely street in 1966 somewhere in Texas. Well, actually, no! But it could! The scenery takes place at the legendary Yesterday’s Thoughts’ basement, their home base studio. Spiros never stopped writing songs. Covid 19, quarantine, and lockdowns played a part. Isolated from the people, isolated from the band – by force of circumstances – Spiros found a shelter, 10 feet underground, into that basement, with a continuous flow of ideas inside his head, he kept writing, composing, recording, dreaming, tripping… After one and a half years and while slowly getting back to normality, Giorgos stopped by to add what was needed to the already finished songs. And the really hard part was to choose 16 out of… many songs! We, at Timemachine-Productions, after listening to Spiro’s raw psychedelic aspect on 60’s Garage – Spiros is a well-known sworn devotee – we felt that it was our obligation (you may call it “mission”) to bring these creations to the surface, exposed to the light. We didn’t know how to call it so we combined words in order to invent a new musical idiom. The music in “Lonely Streets” is Garage Psych Mood-o-delica! Nothing to do with the revival sound of 60s Garage and its various tentacles from the 80s till today. The sound is pure, the sound is old, the sound is analog and raw like a nugget that just dug out of a dusty mine. 16 songs sprayed with a tremendous ’66 Texas Garage attitude and feeling. You have never (almost) heard Garage Psych 60s played like this before. And then there’s those lyrics… Fragile, sentimental, naively written, expressing Spiros’ daylife routine, his thoughts, worries, life experiences, relationships with other people, relationship with the Divine…

The self-titled song “Lonely Streets” was released on August 1st, 2021 as a Digital Single (Youtube/Bandcamp) and is the precursor to the album “Lonely Streets” (Limited Edition LP, April 2022).

Place yourself in a lonely street, let the invisible Weeping Mist shroud you, and leave the rest to that magical Garage Psych Mood-o-delica sounds…

Set-list is as follows:

Side One:

A1/ Love Must Die

A2/ The Sun Always Wins In The End

A3/ Try To Forget You

A4/ Jacqueline

A5/ Tender Kiss

A6/ The Fire Of The Candles

A7/ Without You

A8/ Repent

Side B:

B1/ You Can’t Hear The Birds

B2/ Lonely Streets

B3/ I Decide To Leave You

B4/ Blow Your Mind

B5/ Summer Almost Comes

B6/ What Happen

B7/ The Garden Of Eden

B8/ Aliceland



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