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Stay Psych
07 June 2021

An chat with Roy…

Roy… Not afraid to be a fReAk   Prologue… You all know, that thanks to that “invention” that is called Bandcamp, we have the chance...
03 June 2021

ROY – Roy’s Garage (2021, LP Idee Fixe)

    RELEASE INFO: Label: Idee Fixe Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition Release Date: 14 May 2021  Roy, is an enigmatic persona/figure/artist/band (we’re going to...
13 May 2021

BLISS – Bliss (2021, LP Out-Sider Music)

  RELEASE INFO: Label: Out-Sider Music Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition, Heavy cardboard sleeve and insert with liner notes Release Date: 15 April 2021 This...
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