09 April 2018

STAR SPONGE VISION – Crowley And Me 2018 (LP/CD Mega Dodo Records)


Star Sponge Vision is a studio band/project formed by 2 personas that first got together 50 years ago, back in 1968, during the legendary “SF Sorrow” period of the Pretty Things! The band name “Star Sponge Vision” comes from a personal spiritual experience that Crowley had, and was documented during his lifetime. Jon Povey and Twink composed, recorded, and dedicated a whole album to the English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer Aleister Crowley! In the history of “popular” music, many bands/ artists dealt with Mr. Crowley. As an influence or as an inspiration, the list is endless! From The Beatles, The Eagles, Jimmy Page, David Bowie and Ozzy Osbourne to numerous Heavy Metal bands, Iron Maiden etc… Also, searching for Psychedelia’s roots we met Aleister in the firstfruits of the psychotropic drug use. It is said that Aldus Huxley was first introduced to mescaline in the 1930s by occultist Aleister Crowley and then he subsequently wrote about his ‘mescaline experience’ in his book “The Doors Of Perception”…

Jon Povey became interested in the writings of Crowley while watching Kenneth Anger’s “Scorpio Rising” (1964) with Jimmy Page, listening to Jimmy’s music sometime in 1974. Fast forward to 2016, Jon was working with Twink and the idea of a concept album inspired by Crowley’s poetry was born! The Star Sponge Vision band line-up is Jon Povey (Keyboards, Grand Piano, Vocals & Narration), Twink (Drums & Percussion), Max Gibson (Lead & Acoustic Guitars), Nick Ferris (Lead & Acoustic Guitars) and Ed Sykes (Bass & Ethereal Guitars). The LP album contains 8 tracks, 4 on each side. The album starts with the self titled “Crowley And Me”, a mid-tempo rhythmic tune, a little proggy flirting with a wondrous adventurous guitar riff. “The Logos” is a more ‘rock-ish’ tune while “The Mantra” is a rhythmic ballad with a cool n’ relaxing percussion. Side A, closes with the dreamy electric ballad “Clouds Without Water”. Side B opens with the most straightforward rock tune, “Lament For All”. “The Buddhist” is another rockin’ tune but with a more 80s feeling while “The Pentagram” is a kind of a balladesque song. Vinyl album closes with a favorite tune of mine, “Hymn To Pan”, an interesting and exciting tune full of ancient Greek references (among them they also refer to my place of birth and homeland, Arcadia), that starts with a ‘battle’ between a church organ playing a chant-like-melody, and the ‘beasty’ electric guitar while a solid drums and bass rhythm is adding gradually! The CD Album contains 5 more tracks! The mellow ballad “The Tent” with a soft n’ dreamy narration, the thrifty smooth ballad “Kathleen Divine”, the dreamy atmospheric “Grave Grey Eyes”, the electrified rocking balladesque “Why Do You Wait” and my personal highlight – too bad is missing from the Vinyl version – the peaceful and full of eternal serenity “The Gypsy”… “We Are Beautiful… Music… Love… Divine…” (TLM)



Label: Mega Dodo Records, DODOLP28 / DODOCD28

Format: LP, Album, Vinyl, Limited Edition (180 gram Black Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve and Printed Inner Sleeve, Limited to 300 copies worldwide, Includes Download Code to download the entire 13 track album)

Format: CD, Album

RELEASE DATE: 27 April 2018


LP Tracklist
A1 Crowley & Me  4:58
A2 The Logos  3:46
A3 The Mantra  4:18
A4 Clouds Without Water  4:06
B1 Lament For Al  4:04
B2 The Buddhist  3:17
B3 The Pentagram  3:39
B4 Hymn To Pan  6:36
CD Tracklist

Crowley & Me / The Pentagram / Clouds Without Water / The Mantra / The Tent / The Logos / Hymn To Pan / Kathleen Divine / The Buddhist / The Gypsy / Grave Grey Eyes / Lament For Al / Why Do you Wait


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